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Creation in Scripture, Science, and Society

by Todd Elder

The Creation in Scripture, Science, and Society Notebook serves as an outline regarding the evidence for Creationism. It is designed to be a central location where people can record all of their Creation Science notes from either Creation Science League members or other creationist audio and video presentations.

The Creation Science League Notebook - 2012 Edition

Contents Overview

The Creation in Scripture, Science, and Society Notebook gives detailed outlines regarding the evidence for creation and space for taking notes regarding that evidence. It emphasizes concepts surrounding the original creation week and the early chapters of Genesis. The outlines continue into details regarding the study of life, the Earth, and the entire universe. It also explores the effects of evolutionary thought in society.

Creation Science League Notebook Giveaway

One of the goals of the Creation Science League is to give people free resources for creation science learning. However, book publishing does cost money so we will only be able to make the Creation Science League Notebook freely available on a limited basis at this time. For those who are able to purchase a copy of the book, we ask that you do so in order to reserve the free books for those who truly cannot afford the purchase. The League has tried to keep the cost to a minimum by not adding any additional charge (profit) over what the manufacturer is charging. The book can be purchased at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or most other book stores of your choice.

Portrait of Todd Elder

Author Biography

Todd Elder is an explorer searching the world and the Scriptures in order to experience and understand life. He has received a Bachelor of Science degree from Kent State University for a conservation major and a geography minor. He maintains the Exploring Creation website and is the founder and administrator of the Creation Science League.